Reiki for animals

reiki catsreiki cats

Reiki for animals is above all a gift of love that we make by giving energy healing to them in order to provide them the Vital Energy they need to adjust the dysfunction that affects them.


Reiki has many advantages that make it an ideal holistic therapy, complementary for the animals. First, it is gentle, painless, natural, non-invasive, truly anti-stress and is easy to do for the practitioner.


Reiki with a dogReiki with a dog

Intuitively, the animals have a natural sensory response to a Reiki energy healing, because as therapeutic approach it is both subtle and powerful. During a treatment, the Vital Energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands directly into the energy field of the animal, allowing him to fully regain its health potential by practicing true healing.


Reiki balances the energetic and metabolic systems of the body, releasing and harmonizing the psycho-emotional sphere. There is a relaxation of neuro-muscular tension and calming pain of any type. Increased physical vitality and organic revitalization of the body are some of the effects achieved during a Reiki session.

Reiki is perfectly suited to treat different types of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, small animals, farm animals, birds...


Animals and the approach of Reiki


To practice Reiki on animals, it is important that the practitioner adheres to certain principles.

Ask for permission

  • Although animals generally appreciate receiving a Reiki treatment, the practitioner must always ask permission to the animal.
  • Intuitive communication can communicate with the Innate Conscience of the animal. By placing oneself in the intention and love, simply explain why we want to provide him with care and ask for his agreement. The care may be operating only if he agrees to receive it.
  • This agreement will be asked at the beginning of the session


In fact, it is a permission to enter their "personal space", whether simply for a body scan or a complete care. Generally, animals are always ready to receive this type of help and healing.

The animal must be able to decide

  • It is important not to run too fast in the contact with the animal. Always allow the animal to be the one who decides when the care can begin.
  • reikiAlways allow the animal the opportunity to move freely in his personal space during treatment. During the treatment, it is important to always pay attention to what the animal can tell us by his behavior, what he wants about the course of care.


Reiki with dogReiki with dogWhy Reiki to our animals?

The life in which we currently operate, them and us, is very far from the ideal conditions for our mutual expansions.

The spaces, times and conditions of life that we give them are often well below their minimum needs for intimacy, exercise, adventure or freedom.

The food that we give them is full of various substances than ourselves, would not consume, considering them often - rightly - unfit for consumption. And just like humans, these foods, often of very poor quality, have by accumulation adverse effects on their physical health.


The sound environment in which we live attacks them by the sounds of high or low frequencies, artificial compounds.


All this without forgetting that we are trespassing into their body balance (castration, contraception, nail trimming, ear, tail, hooves mutilation, declawing, etc.) in their emotional balance too often leaving them alone and without companions of their species.


The generated stress greatly reduces their life expectancy and greatly affects the quality.


Yet our animal companions are not stingy with their affection and love towards us. When they approach us and come to us to cuddle when we are not well, emotionally or physically, do not you think they too are providing us a care in that time?


So for all these reasons, they deserve that we take care of them by providing a supplement to Vital Energy which, like us, they need to live.


Recall that all disease comes fundamentally from an energy imbalance and that this imbalance is usually the result of a mismanaged emotional stress.


The very nature of the Vital Energy transmits to the animal during a Reiki treatment, will enable him to harmonize his energy balance at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


What does Reiki bring?

Reiki can help animals in many ways. With healthy animals, Reiki can help them stay healthy, at all levels. It can help the animal to heal his psychic and physical diseases, by acting on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plans. It is a powerful tool for emotional healing, following abuse, neglect, fear or confidence issues. For nervous animals, Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress reduction. Over time, it can reduce the tendency to nervousness.


Our pets are generally very open to the flow of Reiki energy and, like to benefit from treatment which they will enjoy. They instinctively recognize its healing power that will help them.


Reiki is suitable for all animals, whether domesticated or not, big or small, and the results obtained with them are usually in a short time.


Reiki can help accelerate healing after surgery or illness. It wonderfully complements the conventional and alternative therapies enhancing their action and reducing side effects. A Reiki energy treatment effectively complete veterinary treatment, but does not replace it.


Here are some examples of what Reiki can do for your pet:

Reiki sur chevalReiki sur cheval

  • Accelerate postoperative recovery;
  • Reduce anxiety and stress;
  • Promote relaxation, contentment, and a general feeling of well-being;
  • Help relieve pain and discomfort;
  • Relieve symptoms of the disease and the side effects of medications and treatments;
  • Help calm aggressive or fearful animals;
  • Improve emotional and behavioral problems.

For a terminally ill animal, Reiki supports compassion that can make him the most peaceful transition.

With horses

Calmness and relaxation are words rarely used in horse riding. Generally speaking more horses "speeds", "hot", than "Zen" frames...



Well, because we care only very little of the animal's anxiety, which can be stressed by multiple factors.


The extreme sensitivity of horses makes them especially receptive to energy healing. As in humans, behavioral problems and most pathologies (digestive problems, ulcers, tics, loss of form, etc.) are related to stress and emotions.


Some events such as noise, transport, competition, the surrounding agitation, the training, are triggers of stress against which they are struggling to fight. Reiki, in helping them decompress, will restore their confidence and they will be less anxious, to apprehend with more serenity the most disturbing situations.


The stress of a frame is usually associated with the anxieties of his rider. By treating the two of them, Reiki will create a new relation by creating greater confidence between the man and the's chakrashorse's chakras


Reiki is beneficial for all horses: those who suffer, those who are anxious, fearful, aggressive, which travel bad, lack of vitality for competitions, breakings, muscle problems... in addition with veterinary care... but also for those who feel well.


Horses love to receive an energy treatment; it's a wonderful gift to give to them, which will further strengthen their trust in the human and the understanding they have about them.


Reiki session for animals

Cat's chakrasCat's chakras

For "big" animals (horses, cattle...) care will preferably be given in place of life of the animal, if possible. He will feel more confidence there, relax better and more readily receive care (home of the Masters, barn, stable, meadow ...). Regarding our "small" companion animals (cats, dogs...), they are more willing to follow their Master to come to consultation.


More generally, treatments and their applications will be adapted to each case, following the directions given by the animal through his behavior.

By gently placing his hands on the animal, the Reiki practitioner does not act on him, but without expectation and with respect for the being on which he laid his hands, he just channels that Vital Energy which will allow the animal in need of recovering his vitality, his health.

 Dog's chakrasDog's chakras

As with humans, animals retains a high degree of control over his own healing processes in order to remain an active partner in this process. Free of our notions of propriety, a priori or principles, the animals receive energy with very large opening and cut themselves the link exchange with the practitioner, when they consider that their session sufficiently brought.


A Reiki treatment is particularly effective on the nervous animals. An animal too scared to be touched by the practitioner in the beginning of the care, easily accepts the contact after a few minutes.


Course of a Reiki session for animals


There are two ways to provide Reiki energy treatment to an animal:

1- physical care, in person

By hands on or just above the body of the animal, the energy is transmitted to help solve the problem that disturbs. This, be it for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing.

2- Remote care

If a session in person is not possible, due to the inaccessibility to the animal, or other, remote care will be practiced. In this case, a picture of the animal will help to the success of the treatment.


Intuitive Communication

Even if a Reiki energy healing can help an animal, like the human he can accept or reject it; he has the choice. Also, thanks to the intuitive communication, it is possible to get in touch with our deep Self, our Innate Conscience, our Higher Consciousness... and in explaining to him why we intend to provide him a care, either in person or remotely, ask for his consent. The care may be operating only if he agrees to receive it.

This agreement will be asked at the beginning of the session.

In fact, it is a permission to enter their "personal space", whether simply for a body scan or a treatment. Generally, animals are always ready to receive this type of help and healing.


Remote Treatments

Remote care is very efficient and in some cases may be preferable to on-site treatment.

Animals can live too far for treatments on site, others can be extremely fearful of strangers, old and fragile, or near death and may be better able to relax by receiving a distance Reiki treatment. Also, for masters with a very busy life, remote care is a popular alternative.


Ho'Oponopono in Hawaiian means: make right, rectify, correct. This healing process after the Hawaiian tradition of repentance and reconciliation, is based on the concept of total responsibility.

The remote Reiki offers the same benefits as Reiki on site: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.


For example, a distance Reiki treatment can provide relief for pain resulting from various diseases and injuries, for accelerated healing following surgery, for an emotional healing, for the prevention of disease or accelerated healing of a disease, and can greatly ease the transition to the death of your pet.


A distance Reiki treatment can also be particularly useful in painful situations generated by the death of an animal, for the human close of him: masters, their families...

A distant treatment can also be sent to heal a traumatic event in your pet already departed in the afterlife.


After a remote treatment, the results are usually recorded in the following 24-48 hours. Although some conditions may require regular treatments to complete the healing process, dramatic variations in healing often occur almost immediately.

Suggested treatments Frequency

Although sometimes healing can be obtained by one or two treatments, it will generally be necessary to perform at least four treatment sessions.


Reiki itself is a powerful healing system, but it is also a wonderful supplement to other therapies such as homeopathy and Bach flower remedies that may help the animal to recover.


Misconceptions of a Reiki treatment on an animal

 Myth # 1:

By giving Reiki treatment to an animal, the practitioner manipulates the energy passing through the animal.

  • Practitioners do not view themselves as vets and do not try to diagnose the health problem.
  • In addition, people who give Reiki treatments are not "healers" but rather, "practitioners"; this is an important distinction.
  • Practitioners first ask the animal's permission, asking him or her if he or she would like to attend a Reiki session. After his approval, they are ready to facilitate the transmission of the Vital Energy for the greater good of the animal, because at that time he is open to receive the energy that will help him get healing. In this process, the practitioner, only serves as a channel, facilitating the transmission of energy.
As we have just seen, practitioners do not diagnose, but they do not need it because the energy they channel: the Vital Energy, which is the food necessary to the life of every being, contains everything the animal needs to rebuild himself, to correct the malfunctions he undergoes. The Vital Energy acts on all planes of consciousness, or all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


In a sick animal, the disease is considered to be the result of an energy imbalance. By placing his intention, then by positioning himself in a meditative space of Reiki, the practitioner simply creates a possibility of "rebalancing" in which the animal then chooses or does not choose to participate.


Myth # 2:

Sessions should not last more than 20 minutes, as if they could exhaust the animal or cause him harm, vomiting or other.

  • The animal is always responsible for the duration of treatment and he will indicate the practitioner when the care is finished by departing and again becoming active after a resting state.
  • For most animals, the duration of a treatment averages between 30 and 60 minutes. There is no risk of exhausting the animal because it is an energy input.


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