In the initial teaching of Reiki, Gokai - the five principles composed by Usui sensei - is considered as important as the concept of Byosen. Byosen means an accumulation of toxins that harms the movement of body fluids. More circulation slows, the more the muscles are tense.
Formerly, Reiki practitioners considered these five principles as their basic philosophy of life and recited them as well as Waka poetry of the Emperor Meiji, morning and evening. This practice distinguished Reiki practitioners from other healers.
Mikao Usui found that people who had overcome a disease through Reiki often were returning with new health problems. It was clear that if people wanted to regain full health, they had to take care of their mental health at the same time as their physical health. He proposed them Gokai (the following five principles).
In the written version of the principles, the introductory text is read: "The secret method of inviting happiness, the spiritual medicine for all diseases." It recommends that Reiki practitioners recite these words with hands in Gassho position (hands clasped as if in prayer) every morning and every night.


 Gokai - 5 principlesGokai - 5 principles

Prononciation by Mari Okazaki